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The Princess of Asturias Foundation

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As part of its endeavours to contribute to fostering culture at its highest levels of expression, the Princess of Asturias Foundation created a Music Department in 1983 which was to give rise, one year later, to the Choir. With the passing of time and thanks to the effort of its conductors and members, it has achieved well-deserved national and international prestige and has become one of the most important amateur choirs in Europe. In December 2007, the European Parliament distinguished the Choir with an extraordinary acknowledgement "for its outstanding services to the European Union".

The Choir at the Spanish National Church of Santiago and Montserrat in Rome

As part of the ongoing mission of this initiative to harvest the traditional love of Asturians for choral music at its highest level through constant educational undertakings, the Youth Choir was created in 1988 and the Children's Choir in 1990. The three choirs have served as a platform for training hundreds of voices and for keeping alive the close relation that Asturias has always had with music.

More recently, the International Music Scholl was created to consolidate a project initiated in 1990 with the relocation to Asturias -under the auspices of the Foundation- of the permanent residence of the Chamber Orchestra "The Moscow Virtuosi". Classes are taught by a distinguished teaching staff, while the School includes among its visiting professors some of the most celebrated musicians worldwide, some of whom have been Prince of Asturias Award laureates, thus making the School different to any other existing in Spain.

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